Julieta Piastro Behar Print

julietaHistorian by the Universidad Autónoma de México (1984)

Doctor in Sciences of the Education by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. (1993)

Training in the Seminar of Instituto del Campo Freudian. (2010-2012)

Professor in FPCEE, Blanquerna, URL from 1994 to the date.

Professor of Contemporary Thinking, FPCEE, Blanquerna, URL.

Professor of Interculturality in the Master of Special Education.

Coordinator in Humanities Area, FPCEE, Blanquerna, URL.

Researcher in the group Philosophy of History, Universidad de Barcelona, (1999-2006)

Researcher of the consolidated research group Multiculturalism and gender, of the Universidad de Barcelona (2007- to the date)

Lines of investigation: Immigration, multiculturalism and gender.

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