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Pursuing Master’s degree in General Sanitary Psychology. FPCEE. Blanquerna. URL 
Grup Sant Pere Claver. Trainee psychologist. (2016).
Oral Communication “Clinical Attachment Profile (CAP): Evaluation of attachment 
style in young adults who have suffered domestic abuse” at XIII Congress Attachment 
and Mental Health “Aggressive behaviour and attachment” IAN-IA. (2015).
Extraordinary prize of degree work. “Evaluation of attachment style in young adults 
who have suffered domestic abuse and psychopathological symptoms” (2015).
Paper: Lucena, G., Cifre, I., Castillo, J. A. y Aragonés, E. (2015). Clinical Attachment 
Profile (CAP): creation of a system of categories to assess attachment. Aloma: Revista 
de Psicologia, Ciències de l'Educació i de l'Esport,33(1).
Trainee in the Adults Group in the Vidal & Barraquer Foundation, in the Degree 
Practicals (2014-2015).
Graduate in Psychology, with the Clinical Psychology specialty. FPCEE Blanquerna. 
URL. (2011-2015).