Research Group of Couple and Family

Research Group of Couple and Family
Esther Verdaguer PhD Presentation PDF Print E-mail
On the next Friday, November 24th 2017, Esther Verdaguer will present and defend her PhD Dissertation at the Sala de Graus de La Tamarita at 11 am. Her thesis is titled "Evaluación y seguimiento a cinco años de un programa de tratamiento para pacientes con Trastornos Límite de la Personalidad en Hospital de Día" and is directed by Dr. Josep A. Castillo. For more information, click here.
David Scharff - International Seminar PDF Print E-mail

UPDATE: The seminar is fully booked, if you join now, you will be added to the waiting list in case there might be an opening.

Professor David Scharff will be participating in the International Seminar "Intervention in Couple and Family Crisis" that will be held on Friday and Staurday, December 1st and 2nd 2017, and will take place at the Fundació Vidal i Barraquer in Barcelona.

It is very important to confirm attendance as soon as possible, in order to benefit from the early-bird inscription.

For more information about the Seminar, click here.

International Seminar PDF Print E-mail
On the next Friday, November 17th, an International Seminar will be held Salamanca in collaboration with REDIF and the Instituto Superior de Ciencias de la Familia. The Seminar is titled "Experiencias prácticas y retos de la mediación familiar, social comunitaria, penal." For more information, you can access the seminar's website here.
Master in Family Therapy PDF Print E-mail
The Master in Family Therapy, offered from FPCEE Blanquerna, through the collaboration with IUSM-Vidal i Barraquer and the Escola de Teràpia Familiar de l'Hospital de Sant Pau has started this academic year, giving place to the first fully developed master program bewtween the three institutions, dedicated to train and develop future family therapists, both personally and professionally. We are all very excited for this project!
New Doctors of 2017 PDF Print E-mail

This year 2017 has been a very prolific year with 4 new PhDs in our research group. All four of the new doctors presented an excellent thesis and we, as a group, are very proud of having them in our team! Congratulations to all of you, Cristina, Josep, Lourdes and Salvatore!

The main goal of the GRPF is to study and do research about the internal and external aspects of the family group and to promote policies that will allow professionals to help families and their members to improve their personal and social development.

Dr. Carles Pérez-Testor is the main researcher of the group.

He is currently a Professor of the Facultat de Psicologia, Ciències de l'Educació i de l'Esport, Blanquerna (FPCEE Blanquerna) and the Director of the Institut de Salud Mental Fundació Vidal i Barraquer (FVB).

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